Depending on the choice of product requested, your medicine is added to the basket. First, you must click on the “validated” button, second you will be automatically referred to a platform to confirm your details.

Then, you will choose the payment method that suits you and finally you will hover the mouse over “complete the order”.

Here is informed on the choice of the product, the identity of the patient and the place of shipment.

If you ever do not receive your package, at that time you will be reimbursed immediately.

Once we will receive your order. Our customer service will call you back or send you a message immediately for confirmation.

While waiting for the receipt of your package, you will receive e-mails containing confirmations following your order:

A confirmation
An e-mail confirming your payment An e-mail confirming the delivery


Grandrx Market accepts all types of remote payment, namely:

Bank transfer

Except that we encourage customers to pay online because it is the fastest and most secured payment.

Your wishlist shows your favourite products.

With the new order tracking feature, you can easily fast track your order and get important information regarding your delivery.